As schools continue to navigate worries due to the COVID-19, the top priorities for College Board are the health and safety of students and educators. All weekend test centers must adhere to local public health guidelines and follow College Board requirements.

There is limited testing capacity in certain areas due to public health limitations and high request. While College Board can’t directly control test center capacity and availability, we’re working to ensure as many students as possible are able to test safely.

Test centers make individual verdicts about whether to administer the SAT, and they may close before the administration, right up until test day. We are asking test centers to report closures to College Board as soon as possible in order to help ensure students are informed and to reduce stress and uncertainty ahead of test day.

Make sure we can get in touch with you by email and/or text message if your center agrees to close or reduce capacity between now and test day. Students should frequently check email and the test center closure page before and on test day to confirm their center is open.

Test centers may have closed or rescheduled to a makeup date at the last minute even if there is still an active admission ticket. If this happens, students will be notified that they shouldn’t report to their test center, and they’ll receive a follow up notification after the test day to confirm whether a makeup is available or if they will receive a refund.


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Please Wear Mask, Keep Safe Distance, and Wash Your Hands Frequently!!

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