Thank you to number of you who send in comment, issues as well called us with questions. Based on your feedback we have made number of updates to Socrato. Please see the details below.

Issue Resolved

Increased testing effort on Safari browser
We have increased testing efforts on the Safari browser. We are finding a few issues and are making fixes to improve Socrato on Safari. There are certain issues, specifically “frozen” screens or dropdown selectors which are not working,  which we are hearing from you but we are not able to reproduce in our testing.

  • Please let us know if you are having these issues so we can learn more about how to reproduce the problems.

Improved performance for assessment result upload with progress bar
A couple of you mentioned having issues with machine freezing while uploading of student scores. And refreshing of page was resulting in double data entry of the scores.

  • Now when you do result upload, a progress indicator will appear to show the system is processing the student scores. In addition we have number of hidden changes which will eliminate duplicate upload.

Ability to delete or update previously uploaded session results
People were having difficulty in deleting or modifying the uploaded user data that was loaded in error

  • We made it easy to edit and delete the entire upload if you uploaded the wrong data. There is a ‘Delete All’ button on Edit sessions page, or you can delete results student by student.
  • In session list drop down there is a unique identifier (timestamp) for all your uploads that indicates when it was uploaded

Updated scoring calculation for Open Response question
The system was treating any data entry in open response question as correct, including a score of online slots zero.

  • Now if you assign points (greater than 0) to a question it will be marked as correct, while zero will be marked incorrect (instead of correct). All empty score will be considered as ungraded.
  • In future we are considering adding the concept of partially correct. Let us know you would find this helpful.

Question Distribution report now shows Open Response Questions

  • In the Question Distribution report you will get to see the open response and short description questions as part of report. Currently we are not proving the score distribution (it’s on high priority list)

Temporary workaround for Printing large passages (more work in progress – see below)
Few users are having issues printing large passage. It shows correctly on the computer screen but prints only partial information from certain browsers. We are able to reproduce the issue and have a temporary workaround.

  • For long ELA passages current workaround is to print on Safari. It’s not perfect but does the job.
  • To make global fix we will have to cut the passage images in smaller chunks to fit page size. It will take time because there are 143 passages. Please let us know any passage you want expedited and we will fix those first. We apologize about this oversight.

Printing Icon does not do anything on IE
In Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) when a user clicks on the print button, nothing happens and they get a javascript error.

  • We are able to reproduce the issue on IE. We believe it is because the pop-up blocker is turned on. The fix for this is to either temporarily disable the pop-up blocker or add to your “allow pop-up from this site” list.
  • You can do that by going to Tools à pop-up blocker à turn off pop-up blocker

Please give us call if you want us to walk you through.

Some other changes have been done as well, including a lot more help has been added at places. Please let us know if there are particular places that are confusing and we will add more help in those areas as well.

Open Issues on Hot List

  • Show some type of “Grouping Indicator” for question from same passage on Search Question page and Question List
  • Large passage text not printing completely on paper, where as it is available online.
    • This will require few days of effort. If you have request for particular content set please let us know. We will fix those first.
  • In certain circumstances the test heading and description are interchanging (showing incorrectly) on Test List page
    • We have seen this once, but never after that. If you are seeing this we would be very grateful if you contacted us so we can learn how to reproduce it.
  • Printing issue – keeping questions and answers together on same page
    • We are looking onto this and it may take some time
  • Content upload made easy – Questions upload for various types of questions from outside to Socrato. We have work in progress which will make this very easy. Please stay tuned.

Once again, thank you for your support and please feel free to reach out to me any time for any Socrato related question.
Best Regards,

Socrato Team