#1: Take a Full-Length Practice Test

  • The initial thing to do is take a full-length practice test. It’s best to take it under test-day conditions if you can.
  • Most notably, a practice test will show you which areas need some extra attention.

#2: Read a Lot for the Critical Reading Section

  • You don’t have a lot of time, but spend your spare minutes deep in literature.
  • Read thoughtfully and read critically, and get in as much as you can.

#3: Review Basic Grammar for the Writing Section

  • For the Writing and Language section, you unquestionably must know the basic grammar rules covered on the tests.
  • Few hours of review can make a big change in your score.

#4: Get Comfortable with Math Section

  • Analysis the formulas that will be given to you on the test, as well as those you’ll need to have memorized.
  • Finally, ake sure you’re easy with your calculator.
  • Exercise rearranging equations

#5: Test-Day Tips

  • Review complicated practice problems that you’ve persevered in mastering.
  • Don’t try to force new material into your head.
  • Imagine the specifics of what’s going to happen—and how you’re going to handle it all like a champ.
  • There’s no guessing penalty, so you can’t lose anything by bubbling in an answer choice.

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