Students preparing for ACT or SAT tests and tutors who are helping students know how cumbersome it is to do scoring, scaling, and performance analysis on these tests (171 questions for SAT and 225 questions for ACT). Especially ACT is more painful as there are multiple level of scaling involved. See previous write up on ACT composite Scoring and on ACT Scoring Tool

Also, majority of time students practice individual sections of tests. Few full length tests are completed in one sitting.

Continuing on our work on ACT Score calculator and Performance analysis we are starting the alpha testing of “section reports” for ACT and SAT tests. See the final output sample ACT Test Section Report, and SAT Test Section Report. Now compare is with full length SAT / ACT test report.

We believe this will help students and tutors to eliminate some of the cumbersome work give them more insight and time to focus their effort on real learning.

Using new features, Students and tutors who are using regular ACT books will be able to enter their question responses in a simple bubble sheet like web page. The basic flow will be:

  • Select the book, test and section
  • Enter the responses on bubble sheet
  • Enter your name (optionally login)
  • Get the scoring and the performance report.

Below are few screen shots and flow chart of what is about to come live in next few weeks.

If you are interested in trying out the Alpha Service please send us an email via our contact form and we will send you instruction how to access it.

Socrato Team

Looking for easy grading, scoring, and reporting tool for ACT and SAT – Check out our post on theTestGrader where in few clicks you can grade, score, and get personalized report for individual sections of test.