Clearing IIT Mains is an achievement in itself, but cracking the Advanced exam is a major challenge. Last-minute tips for the exam preparation are:

  • Do not over-strain yourself
    • Ensure that your up to the exam does not pressure you out.
    • Keep your plan simple and accurate.
    • You have prepared for this exam for a long time now and keeping yourself mentally fit during the last few days matters.
  • Practice is the key
    • Focus on solving mock test and previous years’ question papers.
    • Ensure that these are time so that you can decide how much time you may require for each section.
    • More importantly, make a note of errors that you make and read up to understand why you were wrong.
  • Do not select your topics
    • Unless you have understood the concept well, it may be difficult for you to try all questions.
    • Most of times all major thoughts are interlinked in various topics of the same question.
    • Therefore, avoid discerning study and give sufficient amount of time for all topics.
  • Give preference your revision
    • You must revise all chapters, but start with chapters that you have found problematic over the course of your preparation, or
    • Chapters that have been given weight-age in the previous years.
  • Focus on theoretical clarity
    • Question in the JEE Advanced exam are extremely application based.
    • You should strengthen your understanding of the NCERT fundamental concepts.
    • Only conceptual clarity will help you crack any problem in the examination with greatest ease.

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Good Luck!!