That’s the time left for you to sit in the exam hall for JEE Main 2017.  You have given your 100% to prepare well but you need to know the last minute preparation hacks. These last few days are crucial and can make or break the yearlong hard work.

Socrato gives you 7 last minute preparation tips that will help you crack the JEE Main 2017.

  1. Try solving question papers and appear for as many Mock Tests as you can. Not only will you understand how questions are set but will also get a real-time feel of the examination.
  1. During last minute preparations, it is often seen that there are few chapters or topics that need extra effort. And if you give some extra attention to these topics they often become your strong points during the exam.
  1. Tackling the question paper. This is art! You should always start solving it from the subject you are most comfortable in.
  1. Go through all the questions first. This will give you a fair idea as to which is the easier ones. Attend the simple questions first.
  1. If you are stuck at a question DO NOT WASTE TIME. Postpone it. And always remember panicking will not help.
  1. Calculations- You will have to face it in all the subjects. Avoid doing mental calculations. Even if you are good at it, chances of minor mistake always remain and that means a wrong answer.
  1. Revision is crucial. Especially appearing in an online mode examination where you get a chance to revise, go through the answers. It is only human to make errors; however, you always have the opportunity to rectify those mistakes.

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All the best for the exams and Happy Learning!!