As the ACT is coming up on April 17th most of the preparation might have been done. Now At a time, a student can increase 2- 4 points between tests. 

Students work extremely hard to prepare for a standardized test. In the test preparation methods score review, topic and question analysis are very important and more of the time students do not focus on these scores. Online test scoring/grading tools are very helpful in providing deeper insight into the test performance. And the test from The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2020 – 2021 edition is a great resource. 

Below are last-minute tips to achieve the targeted score. 

  • Take a full test in one sitting from “The Official ACT Prep Guide” on this weekend.
  • Score/grade the bubble sheet through some online scoring tool, you can check the Socrato scoring tool ACT bubble sheet scoring tool

Get the full diagnostic Report view ACT Diagnostic Report Review each Subject category and topic analysis :

  • Find the difference between the targeted score and the achieved score. 
  • Analyze the subjects and topics to practice to achieve the target score. ACT Ebook
  • Review that topic and practice questions of those topics. 
  • Record each question time and section-time. 
  • You should be able to finish each section a few minutes before the time.
  • Prepare a cheat sheet or summary notes. 
  • Take a complete break few days before the test. 
  • Just review a cheat sheet one day before the test day. 

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