The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is an admissions test offered by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) to its member schools. The ISEE choice for many independent schools throughout the country and abroad. The purpose of this exam is to quantify your academic accomplishments and reasoning ability. You take either a paper test or an online one to predict your success at private schools. It is possible to register for ISEE three times in 12 months, once in each of the three testing seasons. There are three seasons: Fall (August–November), Winter (December–March), and Spring/Summer (April–July).

Why Is the ISEE Required?

In addition to the overall admissions process, the school you are applying to has requested your ISEE score. If all students entering the same grade take an admission test, the school can view one common item for all applicants. Together with your ISEE scores, the school considers your application, your current academic record, and possibly an interview. All of the admissions components, including the ISEE, help the school, you and your family decide which school to accept you. ISEE scores are part of the overall admissions process at the school to which you’re applying. During admission tests, schools are able to identify a common component among all applicants in a particular grade.

Why ISEE Practice Test?

  • Taking practice tests isn’t just good for getting familiar with the exam format and sections-it’s also great for learning from your mistakes.
  • Study both the questions you got wrong and the questions you got right after every practice ISEE test.
  • Practice tests help you learn what each test asks, how to structure them, the time limit, and more.
  • To ensure you’re taking these practice tests correctly, ensure you follow the directions that come with them.
  • ISEE Practice Test is very important for the student and academy owners to get insight into tests and their strengths, and weaknesses in each subject. Moreover, we track the progress and put focus on the right topics.
  • Prepare the right topic so the preparation is easy and efficient which gives better results in less time. The practice test can help you understand exactly what each test is asking, how they’re made, the time limits, and more.

Few Tips to find out your expected Exam score using Socrato

  • Take a complete Timed Test.
  • To grade the test, visit
  • Log in or sign up.
  • Select the ISEE test of your choice.
  • Then click on the “Process Test.
  • Click on the “Auto Extract and Import Student Answers from Mobile camera”
  • After that enter the batch name and click submit button.
  • Upload the pdf/jpeg/jpg files and get extracted data.
  • Review all the pages of the bubble sheet and then click on the Report button.
  • Finally, after submission of all click on the ‘Show Result’ and then generate the report and get your instant diagnostic report.

You can also score the ISEE practice test and get a detailed diagnostic report by using the Socrato online bubble sheet grading platform.

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