Introduction: Educational Records Bureau (ERB) offers the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) to its member schools. ISEE is the choice of many independent schools nationwide. Examining your academic accomplishments and reasoning ability is the purpose of this test. You can take it either on paper or online, and it is used by admissions committees at private schools to predict your success at their school.

Testing Seasons: The ISEE can be taken up to three times a year by you (or your child). There are three seasons:

  • Fall (August–November),
  • Winter (December–March), and
  • Spring/Summer (April–July).

A student may only take the ISEE once per testing season. Although you can take the ISEE three times a year, planning in advance is essential. As an example, it is possible to schedule test dates for the ISEE in August, December, and April, but you cannot take it in August, September, and October.

Testing Options: ISEE is categorized into three different testing options such as

  • CPT: CTP is administered once a year in either the fall or spring.
  • Milestones: Milestones are administered up to three times a year in the fall, winter, and spring.
  • CPT + Milestones: When both CTP and Milestones are administered, Milestones are administered just twice a year.

Options for ISEE test formats:

  • Paper test at a testing site
  • Online test at a Prometric testing centre
  • Online test at home (currently only available in the U.S. and Canada)

Registration and Testing Dates of ISEE Tests:

  • On the ERB website, you can find and register for an ISEE test date by clicking on View Test Dates.
  • You can find paper test dates in your area by selecting your state and selecting Paper from the Testing Method menu.
  • You can find online test dates at a Prometric centre in your area by selecting your state and choosing Online under Test Method.
  • Students applying to grades 5-12 can find at-home test dates by searching by New York for tests in Eastern Time, Texas for tests in Central Time, and California for tests in Pacific Time, regardless of where they live. You can find “ERB At Home” sessions by choosing Online from the Testing Method menu.
  • To find out what at-home test dates are available for students applying for grades 2-4, search by New York, regardless of your time zone or state of residence. Choose “ERB At Home” from the Testing Method menu.

You can also score the ISEE practice test and get a detailed diagnostic report by using the Socrato online bubble sheet grading platform.

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