If you want to see improvements on the College Board tests, you need to intervene now. Below are tips that you can perform that will improve student test scores.


  • Encourage students while raising the level of expectations. Positivity goes a long way.
  • If a student believes that they can do something, they likely will.
  • Create a growth mindset. Get students to believe that they can learn.

Teach test taking strategies

Taking a test is a skill. Teaching students test taking strategies needs to be done. Try the following strategies and Google additional ones.

  • Narrow your options by eliminating the answers you know are wrong.
  • Make sure that the bubble sheet answer that you are filling in matches the question you are trying to answer. You don’t want to skip a question.
  • Look for information in the question. It may help you figure out the answer.

Teaching test taking skills leads to results, especially for lower achieving students. Studies have proven that low-ability students gained more than middle- and high-ability students who had been taught the same test taking strategies. The studies showed that the results held true even for ESL students. Test taking skills teach students how to think through testing and will help improve results.

Take practice tests

  • Practice makes perfect. Well, maybe not perfect, but definitely makes for improvements.
  • To experience larger gains, try building your own assessments. You can customize them to meet your needs.
  • Practice specific types of questions that students will encounter. We found that question dependent analysis  have everyone stumped. We will work to put some information and examples together for you.

Analyze data

  • Let’s make use of all that practice test data. Dig into the numbers and analyse the student data.
  • Uncover the areas like subject area performance, score summary report, growth analysis, question distribution analysis etc. where students appear deficient.


  • Don’t save remediation just for student interventions.
  • If you have analysed the data, then you know where the cracks are. It’s your opportunity to repair them.
  • Identify the areas that need the most attention.
  • Divide students into groups to work on shared areas of need.
  • Find the issues and do your best to correct them now.

Get personal

  • To best achieve, students need more than to just believe in themselves.
  • Take personal connections beyond the students. Understand their home life.
  • Get to know their parents. Make parents and the community part of your school/centre.
  • Think about ways that allow you to connect with parents and the community

To score high students can use Socrato to practice online and get insights beyond scores. Socrato’s Companion Series helps you get the most from your Official Study Guide.

Good Luck!!


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