The next scheduled SAT is now approaching – it will be taken this coming Saturday, May 8th. Many or most registered students should have invested sufficient time in practicing and preparing for the test by now, so that they are not under heavy stress during the last days before its administration.

Easy tips to find out your expected SAT score.

  1. Grab an Official SAT study guide (Bluebook)
  2. Take a complete timed test as the exam day.
  3. Take a picture of the bubble sheet or create a scanned PDF.
  4. Grade the bubble sheet image/scanned PDF through Socrato online scanning application.
  5. Generate the instant diagnostic report.
  6. Get the total score and subject score.
  7. Got the expected score, Congratulations !!
  8. If you are close to the expected score, analyze the diagnostic report.
  9. Practice the section and questions to achieve the targeted score.
  10. Congratulations & Good Luck on Final Test !!

Maintain Social Distancing, Be Safe, and Save Lives.

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