Standardized testing has become a common practice in every classroom. There are some strategies to help you prepare your students to take these often-stressful tests. The following tactics focus on reducing student’s weak areas to improve performance in these tests:

  • By aligning your teaching with test content, you can help your students get as much practice as possible with the skills.
  • Using online tools, for scoring practice standardized exams and generating analytic and diagnostic performance reports.
  • Subject Area Performance Analysis, you can find nearly all mistakes fall into the following categories:
    • Subject-wise,
    • Section-wise,
    • Topic-wise,
    • Sub Topic-wise,
    • Subject-Depth level-wise.
  • The Answer Distribution / item analysis allows instructor to see which groups of students responded to each answer choice.
  • The teacher can quickly see which students gave which responses; differentiated review is possible for different student sub-groups.
  • Educators can quickly find similar questions in the library with one click to create a worksheet or future assessment for the strand and skill.

The Subject Area Analysis & Answer Distribution Reports allows you to get detailed insight about a whole class or group of students or individual student for the subject / topics of the given exam.