Standardized test scores are extremely important in today’s educational climate. While true intelligence and natural ability may limit how well some students perform on standardized tests, there are certainly things a teacher can do to help students reach their full potential on the exams.

Socrato is a web-based test preparation platform used for scoring practice standardized exams and generating analytic and subject area performance reports and many more diagnostic reports.

The Subject Area Performance Report shows a quick view of group performance with regards to standardized test. Many times, questions can be sorted into these three categories: Skipped, Guessed, and Knew. In Subject Area Performance Report student can figuring out subject-wise, topic-wise, and difficulty level-wise that how many questions are comes under above categories.

Once you’ve sorted the questions you missed/incorrect into above three categories, make sure to review all of the questions you skipped/guessed/knew on, including the ones you answered correctly.

That’s not useful in figuring out where you’re really making mistakes. To improve in the test, analysis is more important than just think “Well, I got that one wrong.” So, through Subject Area Performance Analysis, you can find nearly all mistakes fall into the following categories;

  • Subject-wise,
  • Section-wise,
  • Topic-wise,
  • Sub Topic-wise,
  • Subject-Depth level-wise.

The Subject Area Analysis Report allows you to get detailed insight about a whole class or group of students or individual student for the subject / topics of the given exam. With this report you can drill down from level 1 to level n with increasing level of detail.

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