Do you want to know If your SAT preparation will meet the expected targeted score?

Below are the tips to find out how well are you prepared for the upcoming SAT on May 8th, 2021:

  • Grab one of the Official SAT study guides from CollegeBoard.
  • Take the complete test in one sitting as of the actual test day.
  • Grade the bubble sheet through some online Test grading tools.
  • If you do get the targeted score, then analyze where you can put the effort to get the higher score.
  • If you do get the targeted score, then analyze each test subject and topic.
  • Just focus on those topics and practice that section repeatedly till you get better at those topics.
  • Take another full test and then compare it with previous scores. Sure, you will see the increment in the overall score and subject scores.

Socrato also provides the online test grading and diagnostic report for all standardized tests.

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