To get a high score in the standardized test, you need to be more specific. Instead of thinking of point gains, think in terms of the content and skills you need to learn in order to reach your score goals.

  • You need to know all the content of the test first.
  • Your reading and reasoning skills need to be top notch.
  • Take a timed practice exam and analyze that practice exam thoroughly.
  • You need to have time to spare to check your answers. This is perhaps the best way to avoid the silly mistakes.
  • You will have to check subject wise and topic wise performance of your test.
  • The Subject Area Analysis Report allows you to get detailed insight about a student or group of students.
  • Analyze you test performance using helpful online tools.

To score high students can use Socrato to practice online and get insights beyond scores. Socrato’s Companion Series helps you get the most from your Official Study Guide.

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