Getting questions wrong on the standardized test can be anywhere from slightly unsatisfactory to absolutely irritating. Noticing that you have answered a question incorrectly and focusing on the fact that you got things wrong. Reviewing the questions, you missed, however, is an extremely important part of test prep. It is not only important that you review missed questions, but that you also review them effectively.

Analysis of Mistakes

That’s not useful in figuring out where you’re really making mistakes. To improve in the test, analysis is more important than just think “Well, I got that one wrong.” So, through Subject Area Performance Analysis, you can find nearly all mistakes fall into the following categories;

  • Subject-wise,
  • Section-wise,
  • Topic-wise,
  • Sub Topic-wise,
  • Subject-Depth level-wise.

Question Type/Answer Distribution Reports allows you to get detailed insight about an individual student for the subject / topics of the given exam.

Set New Goals

  • After you have figured pinpoint what goes wrong in each test attempts, set a goal for the next test or assignment.
  • Using online tools, for scoring practice standardized exams and generating analytic and diagnostic performance reports.

Wishing You Happy New Year 2019..||

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