Standardized test scores are extremely important in today’s educational climate. Using online tools, for scoring practice standardized exams and generating analytic and diagnostic performance reports. There are some standard reports to help you analyze test performance of group and batch in standardized test.

Analysis of Subject Area Performance

  • The Subject Area Performance report shows a quick view of group performance with regards to strand standards.
  • You can find nearly all mistakes fall into the following categories:
    • Subject-wise,
    • Section-wise,
    • Topic-wise,
    • Sub Topic-wise,
    • Subject-Depth level-wise.

Analysis through Score Summary Report

  • This report provides the summary of scores for students in a Group.
  • When a Group of students takes a same Test, a score summary report can be generated to see the trends, average score, and more.

Analysis through Growth Report

  • This report compares individual student pre and post scores performance and calculate growth over session.
  • It can be used by teachers to see which strands are strengths and weaknesses for each student.

Question and Answer Distribution Analysis

  • The Answer Distribution / item analysis allows instructor to see which groups of students responded to each answer choice.
  • The teacher can quickly see which students gave which responses, differentiated review is possible for different student sub-groups.