The SAT measures the skills and knowledge that research shows are the most important for success in college and career. It includes the following sections.The assessment is composed of two section Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math Composite.

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Further more this section is made up of a Reading Test and a Writing and Language Test, each composed of multi paragraph passages and multiple-choice questions. The Reading Test also measures comprehension and reasoning skills and focuses on close reading of passages in a wide array of subject areas. The Writing and Language Test measures a range of skills, including command of evidence,as well as expression of ideas, and the use of standard English
conventions in grammar and punctuation.

  • Firstly for every question you answer correctly on the SAT, you receive one point.
  • There is no penalty for guessing nor skipping.
  • Even if you answered 33 correct in Reading and 39 correctly in Writing & Language, and suppose your scale scores are 29 and 35, respectively.
  • These two scaled scores are then added together and multiplied by 10 to give you your final EBRW section score (from 200 to 800) would be:

(29 + 35) x 10 = 64 x 10 = 640


This section includes multiple-choice and student-produced response questions, and it is divided into two portions: one that allows calculator use and one that does not. It assesses skills in algebra, problem solving and data analysis, manipulation of complex equations, geometry, and trigonometry.

How Math Composite calculated?

  • For Math, you simply convert your raw score to final section score using the college board’s table.
  • Math Composite score range 200-800

Composite score

  • If you scored a 710 in Math and 640 in EBRW, your composite score would be 710+640 = 1350.
  • Math Composite score range 400-1600

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