It’s time to get serious about the popular college application, the Common App. There is not a lot of additional information online as of yet, with exception on how to best approach one of the most important aspects of college applications period – College essay prompts. Good thing we’ve got the best tips for you to prepare your college essay prompt options through the Common App, right here!

The hardest part of any given task is starting it. Once you get going, you may even find it hard to stop! College essay prompts can be daunting, but with these simple tips and ideas, you will have no problem choosing the right topics for you that you can be honest and passionate about to wow college admissions.


  1. Write everything that pours out of you at the moment, without worrying about the word limitations. After you’ve gotten everything out, you can go back and edit what you find at the most importance.
  2. College essay prompts are personal, so just be you! Think about things you didn’t include on your college application thus far…There is always that one thing that you can really write about like risks you’ve taken to become better, how you conquered a fear, and so much more.
  3. You will definitely need time on your side for your essay. Don’t put this off for the last minute – This is your priority and should be given at least a few weeks to complete.
  4. You know how people say that “Your first impression is everything.”? Well, the first sentence of your essay is an opener to grab your reader’s attention – Make it great! This may change throughout your different drafts of your essay, but let it evolve into what it’s meant to be. Remember, your college admissions are looking for engaging material moreso than entertaining, although they do enjoy both.
  5. Brainstorm! Jot down notes, draw pictures of what you desire your essay to exude. This is why giving yourself a few weeks to complete the essay is important. You want to allow yourself time to write what you may think is the perfect essay, when in reality, your best written piece is fully felt by you by the 3rd or 4th draft.
  6. If you’re not a strong writer, READ! Yes, that’s right, read. And read GOOD writing! By reading good writing, you’ll start to notice why you like it so much – Clarity, precision, enticement.
  7. Stay away from writing about sex, drugs, and other vices.
  8. Be honest. When you are open and honest with yourself, your best work will be your result. Do not feel the need to write about all of your major accomplishments – If it’s writing about how you failed at  X to discover your passion for Y, this could definitely work.
  9. Understand your position. Your essay can be off the richter scale, amazing. It could be the best essay read all year long – Your overall academic record/scores matter also. If you have poor or mixed academic records, your essay is a great leveraging tool.
  10. Lastly, give your college essays your all. Life does not stop, it keeps on going even when you feel like you’ve done enough – After this, you will appreciate the time you spent on efforts to better your own life!