Do you need to raise your ACT score as soon as possible? You want to make a huge improvement to your score, from 25 to 32.

As you’ve found this article, I assume it’s crunch time for your ACT.In case you do not fit into this category (you have one month or more before your test date), you can still read this guide for some study tips, but we recommend you spread out your ACT preparation over the period you have. Don’t wait until the last two weeks to cram.

WARNING: Only use this rushed study program if it is necessary. If you have time to sit for the ACT again, do a quick preparation for this test date. Then follow a more intensive study program the following test date.

Get Your ACT Practice Materials

Make sure to order a copy of The Official ACT Prep Guide, also known as the Red Book.

Focus on practice and review, not new topics.

Try to spend an hour or 2 each day practicing and reviewing some English, Math, Reading, and Science questions, but don’t overdo it. If you start to panic and worry that you’re not doing enough, make a list of your next steps and work through them one by one. Lists can help when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you feel you need to be doing.

Sample Two-weeks  ACT study schedule








Full lenght practice test

Full lenght practice test answers and expla

Day off

English Prep

Math and Reading Prep


Science Prep

3.5 hours

3.5 hours


1 hours

2 hours


1 hours

The ACT is 2 hours and 55 minutes long, plus the optional 40-minute writing test. When you take a full-length practice test (and take the writing test each time if you’re planning to take it on test day), as well as when you review your practice test, you’ll probably spend the most time studying.

It is possible to plan your calendar flexibly. For each section of the test, carve out as much or as little time as you see fit. If you feel confident you understand ACT Math, spend less time preparing for it. On the other hand, give yourself more time if your ACT English preparation needs some foundational review (e.g., grammar and sentence structure rules). Give your brain some time to process, rest, and recharge by taking at least one day off a week.

Two Weeks ACT Study Schedule

When it comes to ACT study schedules, a two-week plan will stretch you as much as any other schedule. Less time will likely allow for more study time. Because you won’t have schoolwork over the summer, we recommend using the two-week ACT study plan for testing dates over the summer.

As you prepare for the ACT, break down the test content along subject lines during your two-week study period. The example schedule below shows how each week should have different goals.

Week One

  • Take a practice or prep test to get started. 
  • Using the results, determine how much time to dedicate to each section. 
  • Study the sections you scored best on for the remainder of that week. 
  • Understand the test structure and use any test-taking skills or study methods that work for you. 

Weeks Two

  • Invest one week in the subjects where you scored lowest on the practice exam. You should budget your time according to your needs.
  • Whenever you plan to work with a tutor, set aside time to discuss the subjects you struggle with. 
  • This week, focus on reviewing and committing everything to memory. 
  • You must take as many practice tests as you can…Mock tests are essential to achieving success on the ACT.