During the global pandemic COVID-19, ACT testing will be held on Saturday, 13 June 2020. You only have a couple of days before the ACT. And you’re determined to ace this test! Whether you’re looking for last-minute study tips, advice on how to prepare the day of the test, or test-taking strategies to maximize your scores.

Social Distancing Guidelines

ACT will be following CDC-recommended guidelines for social distancing at our test centers for June and July. 

Source: http://www.act.org/content/dam/act/secured/documents/pdfs/ACT-National-Test-Center-Social-Distancing-Guidelines.pdf

Tips for the Day before Test


  • It is important to be well-rested.
  • Make sure to get a good night’s sleep in a few days before the test.


  • Take a proper diet right before the test.

Stress can negatively affect test prep

  • Being too stressed about the exam can negatively affect your performance.
  • Be aware of whatever nervousness you’re feeling.


  • Occupy some time each day relaxing.

Imagine a successful experience

  • You also know where you are strong and where you are weak.
  • Picture yourself positively answering questions correctly, and smoothly.

Tips for the Examination Hall

Use the process of removal

  • Crossing out choices as you go along really helps when you get that feeling that you might need to guess.
  • If you have no knowledge of how to answer a question, try to eliminate any obviously wrong choices.

Cover up the answers

  • Always try to come up with an answer on your own before you even look at the choices.

Pace and Trust yourself

  • Skip questions that are going to take longer.

Bubble in groups

  • Complete at least five questions, and then bubble the answers in on the answer sheet.
  • It will also save time.

Use any extra time cleverly

  • If you find yourself with extra time at the end of a section, make good use of it.
  • Make sure your answer choices are in the right bubbles.

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