The result of standardized test is using to evaluate performance of school and curricula and standardized test is valid for measuring the performance of students and class of a school.

Socrato reports are also available for groups and classes because group reports make it easy to manage and track the performance of entire classes of students, and allow you to pinpoint the areas individuals or the group as a whole need to focus on the most.

Our learning analytics software enables tutors & school to analyze the performance of whole class or group of students from number of dimensions. Class reports include:

  • Subject areas performance
  • Performance by difficulty level, question type
  • Score Summary
  • Student Comparison
  • Pre / Post Comparison
  • Question Response Distribution
  • and much more . . .

There are some details of class reports that help schools to measure which class be doing better subject-wise:

Subject Area Performance

  • The Subject Area Performance report  shows a quick view of group and class performance with regards to standards.
  • Subject area categories: Subject-wise, Section-wise, Topic-wise, Sub Topic-wise, and Subject-Depth level-wise.

Score Summary Report

  • This report provides the summary of scores for students in a class and school.
  • When a Group of students takes a same test, a score summary report can be generated to see the trends, average score, and more.

Growth Report/Student Comparison

  • This report compares individual student’s pre and post scores performance and calculate growth over session.
  • Tutors can use growth report to see strengths and weaknesses for each student.

Question Response Distribution

  • The Response Distribution / item analysis allows instructor to see which groups of students responded to each answer choice.
  • The teacher can quickly see which students gave which responses, differentiated review is possible for different student sub-groups.