NORTH ANDOVER, Mass., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ — Tens of thousands of Massachusetts” 6th, 7th and 8th grade students can now log onto at any computer with access to the internet and use state-of-the-art test preparation software to practice for their MCAS exams, which take place in March and May 2008. “Socrato offers new, state-of-the-art web-based test preparation and learning software. We have used many prior MCAS tests to perfect our system. Since we had all the data loaded into our system, we decided to make this software available to all Massachusetts 6th, 7th and 8th graders through 2008, because right now there is nothing similar available to them for free. Socrato hopes to help many students spend their study time more effectively and do well on their exams,” said Socrato CEO and Founder, Raju Gupta.

With Socrato”s innovative software, Students can practice online casino canada entire tests or focus only on questions in specific areas of difficulty, which Socrato helps them identify. In addition to preconfigured tests, students can also create customized practice tests for specific needs saving time and energy by quickly focusing on areas in need of improvement. They can email or print questions to get help from teachers, or have teachers or parents review areas of difficulty online. Students and parents wishing to participate can sign-up at

Socrato can also be used by groups such as tutors, a class, or an entire school system. It allows teachers and administrators to manage shared testing content and track the progress of each student, class, or even a school district. Tutors and Schools interested in this option should contact Socrato at for more information.

Gupta and co-founder Michael Oates, both veterans of Sapient Corp., combined have 35 years of experience delivering online solutions to some of the world”s largest and most innovative companies.

In addition to state tests, such as MCAS, Socrato plans to roll out testing tools for SATs and other standardized tests. For more information, call Marie T. Oates at 617-290-7795 or email her at

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