Alright – School exam finals are completely through and over with (for this year)! Come Fall in September, standardized testing will be back and students should be preparing for these events to come. Around this time, tutors and tutoring centers should focus on growing their business at this optimal time of opportunal growth. Students will need your services, and you can give them exactly what they are needing. Here are five highly effective software systems that can help a tutoring center reach their growth goals while also passing on valuable tools to students in need of their services.


  1. CRM (customer relationship management tool or software): For larger tutoring business, Salesforce is a great CRM software that is all-in-one and full featured. The platform is very easy to use featuring cloud-based solutions and lead generation,  and if you have any troubles, they’ve got a 24/7 phone and live chat support. For very small business, Insightly has a free version to get you started and offers a paid version at a fraction of costs of other CRM software. This fits the bill for very small businesses as it gives them what they need but allows them to scale up when the time comes. For those looking for an absolutely free CRM, Zoho is hard to compete with as it offers just as many valuable tools as a paid CRM. Zoho impressively allows you to onboard up to ten users for free.
  2. Email marketing tools are great for any business. They allow you to stay connected and keep all of your customers up to date with what’s going on with your company. You can use email marketing as a tool to communicate, sell, and grow your customer base. Some of the top email marketing tools are: Mailchimp, Aweber, Hubspot.
  3. Everyone has heard of social media but not all know of the benefits of using social media in business. Many have heard of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter – But there is a plethora of markets to target with these very useful (and free) other social media platforms: Reddit, StumbleUpon, HootSuite, Google +.
  4. Student/Staff management systems encourages honesty and motivation between students and their tutors. This type of software, no matter which you choose, keeps students accountable for keeping track of their work and allows tutors to keep real data of the progression of their students’ work. Some useful student/staff management systems are: Rediker, LearnSpeed, FreeStudentProjects, and of course Socrato.
  5. As many of our learning resources can be found online and sometimes for free, it could prove to be very beneficial to group in a grading system to go along with all of the other online software that tutors already will be using. Here are some great ones to name a few: Engrade, ThinkWave, igradeplus, and of course Socrato as well.

Don’t forget to check back with Socrato for other great tips and resources.