Did you know that there are many students entering the college world that have little to no financial aid from family? The average cost of tuition, living costs, books, etc. is around $20,000 for a 4-year college – Private institutions cost well over $30,000. The thinking involved when it comes to even applying for college admissions can be extremely stressful and tiring – Then students must think about how they will be able to afford it. Student loans are a viable option, however it puts students into immediate debt before the school year even begins. Scholarships are desired, but not always given to a large number of students. Socrato brings great hope with this important information on the possibilities there are to obtain free college grants through various sources.


What Are Grants?

They are basically “free money” towards the school of a student’s application that the student does not have to pay back to the organization they receive the grant from. Grants are given typically based on a student’s academic standing/achievements and financial need. There are many different types of grants that a student can apply for – Students should be knowledgeable of all details before accepting and signing for any grants.


What Types of Grants Are There?

  • State Grants
  • Federal Grants
  • Non-Government Grants
  • Student-Specific Grants
  • Subject-Specific Grants
  • Degree-Level Specific Grants
  • Minority-Specific Grants
  • Low-income Grants
  • Military Grants
  • Healthcare Grants
  • Teacher Grants
  • Grants for Women


Who Provides Grants?

  • Professional associations
  • Federal and state governments
  • High Schools, colleges, universities
  • Public and private organizations/charities


How Do I Get a Grant?

Researching the internet for grants is a very effective way to gather up as much information as possible. Students should also stay active in searching for grants within their very own communities as well. Grants can come from churches, schools, charities and other non-profits. Simply asking these places will yield some type of answer as to whether they offer grants, if they’re willing to develop a grant program based on a student’s inquiry alone, and then also learning the requirements of obtaining a grant. For example: Some grant-givers require essay submissions as a way to determine who they will give grants to.

All in all, it is best for students to continuously search and query for grants of all types and amounts to allow for optimal responses and grants to accept.


What Are Tips to Better My Chances of Getting a Grant?

Students should always stay on top of their game when it comes to grant searching and applying. There are a lot of other students who are doing the same thing and each student will need to make themselves stand out from the rest. Students should have their resumes/portfolios always updated with the latest and best things they have achieved, be ready to interview, and to have queries ready to send out to apply for grants.

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