Time management is the most important aspect of exam preparation. More often than not, many students look at time as their enemy because they start preparing a little too late in a haphazard manner, which causes too much confusion. Without proper time management tips, studying will not benefit you much because you won’t be able to organize your syllabus in sync with the amount of time you have.

Time Management Tips:
Now that you have decided to manage your time you should look at ways to do it effectively. Many students get over-enthusiastic when they make a timetable, which is why they end up setting huge goals for themselves. While you think you can do it theoretically, practically it may be difficult. Hence, you should know how to manage your time realistically.

• Organization helps clear things up. It removes stress and gives you the control over time.
• Start at least a couple of months before the exam date and organize your time for the day, for the weeks, and for the month.

• To begin with, assess your time for a few days. How much time do you spend studying? How much time do you spend sleeping? How much time do you dedicate to other activities?
• This exercise will remove the notion of I study all the time from your head because tracking will make things apparent.

• Time management is all about being wise while using time. Incorporate all your daily activities in your schedule but know which one(s) to prioritize.
• This/these activity/ies should get the highest amount of time. In your case, of course, it is studying.
• If a topic is complicated, dedicate more time to. Dedicate less time to topics that you are confident about.

• Now is the time to prepare a detailed timetable based on your findings.
• You have tracked your activities, realized how much time you have, and you know your priorities.
• Based on these factors, create a neat timetable with all activities that you plan on doing during the day.
• Remember to include sleep time, break time, eating time, refreshing time, and so on.
• An excellent way to keep reviewing topics that you have learnt is to use review cards.
• These review cards will help you when you have to wait for something without an option.
• All the time and effort you put into making the schedule will be a waste if you do not follow it.
• Manage time accordingly and make sure you follow your schedule.
• When you master these time management tips, you will definitely be able to study without burnout.

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Wish You Good Luck !!

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