In 2017, number of fresher appearing for IIT-JEE exam was much higher than the students who gave the exam a second try. Yet, as many as 61.9% (approx) students who cracked IIT JEE and were selected by the IITs were repeaters (appearing for the exam for the second time). The answer to this question may vary from individual to individual – depending on his or her particular condition.

Situation 1: Cracked JEE Advanced with low rank

Many students who crack JEE Advanced in their first attempt do not realize the risks they are taking by letting go of the seats they are offered.

Situation 2: Cracked JEE Main with good rank but failed to crack JEE Advanced

  • After JEE Main, you stand a good chance to get admission in some of the top NITs and other good engineering colleges.
  • Surveys indicate that students of many NITs have performed better than several IITians.
  • Ponder on your options well before you choose to let go of the seat you are offered.
  • Attempt JEE for the second time, only if it is an absolute must.

Situation 3: Failed to crack JEE Main in the first attempt

JEE aspirants who fail to make it to any college first time should assess themselves. Know the reasons behind your failure.

If most of the questions have ‘yes’ as the answer, you should definitely give yourself another chance to crack JEE.

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