In an effort to make the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) a bit more accessible, the Educational Review Board (ERB) is moving their series of exams to a web based platform. While the ISEE will still be available in a paper format for those who prefer the traditional paper-pencil test, the online version offers benefits beyond that of the traditional paper test.

The is an andmission entrance exam (similar to the SAT or ACT) for students applying to independent schools in the US. It serves as a guide for schools by assessing and measuring students against peers to determine their academic level and performance. By providing this test online, schools can choose their own test dates and administer the test right at the school location without having to worry about ordering test and answer booklets, or training someone to administer the test. Ultimately this makes the test more accessible to both schools and students.

The ISEE Online Primary 4 (for entrance into grade 4) became available in the Fall of 2010. Entrance exams for grades 5 through 12 will be available online beginning in February 2011.

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