The College Board now takes Reading and Writing together to give you one EBRW (Evidence-based Reading and Writing) score. Help you set realistic goals that are based on schools you’ll be applying to, rather than on some arbitrary standard that has no real justification behind it.

The redesigned SAT has two sections (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math). The table below illustrates how the total, section, and test scores from the redesigned SAT will be reported.

Purpose of EBRW

  • Includes a Reading Test and a Writing and Language Test.
  • Each test is composed of multi-paragraph passages and multiple-choice questions.
  • You do take these two sections individually.

Determine Your EBRW Raw Scores

  • For every question you answer correctly on the SAT, you receive one point.
  • There is no penalty for guessing nor skipping.
  • If you answered 33 correctly in Reading and 39 correctly in Writing & Language, and suppose your scale scores are 29 and 35, respectively.

Conversion of 10-40 Scale Score to 200-800 for EBRW

  • Step1: Reading (10-40) =Total # of Correct Questions Based on Scaled Score*10
  • Step2: Writing (10-40) =Total # of Correct Questions Based on Scaled Score*10
  • Step3: EBRW (200-800) = Reading + Writing

Sample SAT Score Calculation

  • Reading=29*10 = 290, where 29 is scale score of 33 correct answers in Reading.
  • Writing=35*10 = 350, where 35 is scale score of 35 correct answers in Writing.
  • EBRW( 200 – 800) = 290+350 = 640

To learn more about new scoring report please download Socrato e-Book “Understanding New SAT Report”.

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