How to cope up:  JEE Main 2017 Vs.  12th Board Exams

With the onset of 2017, the Class 12th board exam seems to be closing in quite fast than expected. A significant chunk of students will also be vying for the JEE Main conducted by CBSE immediately after the board exam scheduled to take place on the April 2. Students aspiring to join the IIT’s will further write JEE Advanced on May 21.

At this stage, students usually get anxious on the ways to balance their Class 12 boards and IIT-JEE preparation. Students usually complete their Class 12 syllabus in November/December. So, it’s time to change gear to get to reach the next level. A student has to fine tune their skills, harness their capabilities, monitor their strengths and weaknesses, plug loopholes, assess their national level standing and engage in maximizing their output. Clinical planning and putting them into execution is the key to clear this exam.

Few tips listed below to balance Class 12th and JEE Main exam 2017 together:

  • Prepare a concept-wise revision plan.
  • Questions asked in JEE Main are often information based. Hence, a student might be required to simply memorize those areas.
  • Highlighted sections of NCERT books must be revised.
  • Students must subscribe to a good quality of All India Level Mock Test Series. To subscribe best performance analysis based mock test must visit
  • Student to assess his/her skills with respect to other good and serious students at the national level. One must solve at least on one full syllabus mock test paper every week.
  • Attend test analysis sessions by experts to gain insight on the ideal approach required. To check sample performance analysis report click here.
  • Questions must be solved from previous years’ JEE Main question paper bank by applying your reasoning and analytical ability. To solve previous year paper click here.
  • Initially, deploy conventional methods and later develop smarter ways to solve to save on time.
  • Revise through high quality notes prepared over the last one year.
  • During this period the importance of physical fitness is paramount.
  • Practice meditation/yoga to develop inner calm and power of concentration.
  • Do not over stress yourself. Late night study must be avoided.

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Wish You Good Luck!!