As a high school student, you’re probably wondering whether you should take the SAT or the ACT. Which one will give you a better score? Is one easier than the other?

The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Everyone has different test-taking strengths and learning styles. Based on these decision factors, it might be to your advantage to take one test over the other.

There are some decision factors which will predicts better for you. Before start any coaching take test whether you decide any route.

School Requirement?

  • If your school requires you to take one of them, you might benefit from focusing on the required test.
  • Your school might offer free or discounted test-prep resources, ultimately making you more familiar with just one of the two tests.

Performance Based Decision

  • Most students score similarly on both tests, but some find one significantly easier than the other.
  • There are several tutoring companies: , who provides combined test assessment of ACT and SAT. They provide detailed diagnostic report to analyze the performance.
  • In addition to the brief guidelines I’ve laid out in this post, you can use this guide to determine whether you’re likely to have strong preference for the ACT or the SAT.

Does One Test Better Suit Your Strengths?

  • Some of the biggest differences between the two tests are as follows:

  • Look at what’s on each test and then decide whether one might be a better fit for you.

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