The Common Application is a not-for-profit, member organization committed to the pursuit of access, equity, and integrity in the college admission process. Instead of a student needing to complete a separate college application for each of their 15 institutions, they speculate a future when a student could complete one application and send copies to any of the other 14 schools. This became known as The Common Application Experiment, and it forever changed the course of college admissions.

  • Applying to college is a tedious and often tense process for students and their parents. In addition to finishing their last year of high school, teens are also juggling the SAT or ACT, college tours and applications for numerous schools.
  • The Common Application, which is accepted by more than 750 schools, including some located outside the U.S., helps to streamline one part of the admissions process for students.
  • Each year, more than 1 million students, one-third of whom are first-generation, use the Common Application to submit over 4 million applications.
  • The idea behind the Common App is to try and reduce the barriers that students face when applying to college.
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