We all know that the first SAT of 2024 (March) will be offered online in the United States. As a result of this transition, both the preparation and taking of the test has changed significantly.

The transition was phased in and students had the opportunity to take a Digital PSAT last year in October 2023 to familiarize themselves with the platform.

There are some advantages of the Digital SAT or Paper Test.

Advantages of Digital SAT 2024

Every change has some Pros and Cons so is with Digital SAT. Here are some of them are listed.

Secure: The paper-pencil version of tests is subject to cancellation in case of any external or internal issues. The digital SAT will provide more security as every student will have a unique test form and use their device or a school-issued device.

Faster score: Students will get access to their scores within days instead of weeks.

Test length:  Short test comparison to Paper test.

Reading Passage: Reading passages are shorter than the paper test and each passage has

one question only.

Calculator usage: The calculator can be used in both the Math section.

Online Test:  Taking tests online could be a challenge for some students and they get used to paper tests.

How to prepare for the first Digital SAT?

      As March 2024 is around the corner the question arises to prepare for the first Digital SAT. What should be the best practices to ace the SAT exam? Below we have listed some of the strategies to prepare for the test.

Start Early

We know that ideally, you’d like all the time in the world to prepare for a test, but that might not be a luxury you have. Your junior and senior years are packed with significant events, so it’s important to plan where your SAT fits in. Choose an SAT date far enough in advance that you have time to prepare—we recommend 2–3 months.

 Starting early lets you gauge how much you need to study each week and helps prevent the need for cramming. Students who start studying earlier do better on the SAT and have more confidence going into the test. And, good news, if you took the digital PSAT/NMSQT, you already know what to expect.

Take a Full-Length Practice Test /mock-up test.

Few companies are offering online Digital SAT platforms where students can take the test or practice test.

Taking a practice test that follows the same timing parameters you’ll experience on test day gives you a strong indication of how you’ll score on the real SAT. Our research shows that your score on an official, full-length practice test taken after studying and within a couple of weeks of your test date is highly predictive of the score you’ll receive on the actual SAT. Practice test results will also provide you with insight into what you need to work on as you approach the real test.

Socrato also offers Digital Adaptive SAT and PSAT tests.   With Socrato test you will experience the real exam. You will get the opportunity to practice the test like a similar app with all the online plug-ins like calculator, annotation, etc. You will get a detailed diagnostic analysis of each section, question type, and difficulty level as well as topic analysis.

Make a study plan for the SAT Exam

Once you get the Practice Test score decide when you are going to take the SAT. Then make a study plan and follow it rigorously. It will help you manage your time well before the test. Watch instructional videos and allocate specific time for practice. Work more on your weak areas set targets and try to achieve them. Make sure your targeted score is aligned with the colleges that you want to apply to.

Pay more attention to details in class for SAT prep

Since 2016, the SAT has been more aligned with classroom learning. So, it is imperative to pay attention in your class and learn the concepts wholeheartedly. If you think, you need to revisit some of the areas then spend more time on them. Catch hold of some of the important resources and work out your plan according to your weaknesses. Ask as many questions as possible in class and ensure that you are conceptually sound and have no queries whatsoever before attempting the SAT exam. 

Practice & Practice to Crack SAT 

The key to success is to try, try, and try harder. This is the only mantra of students preparing for the SAT exam can get a lot of practice before going in for the main exam day. Through practice, one understands the strengths and areas of weakness. If there is sufficient time in hand, the weaknesses can also be conquered. Thus, for individuals, it is highly important to get a hold of sample SAT papers and make the best use of them. Ultimately, practice makes a man perfect! 

Another Full- Length Test:

After preparing for few weeks and if you have covered all the areas of improvement, you should take another full-length test before the exam to see the improvement. If the score is improved from the previous test that is high possibility your will score as desire in your actual test. Repeat this exercise if you have more time for preparation before your exam.

Good Luck with the SAT Test prep.