Since the announcement of a new, redesigned SAT test in 2014 by College Board, students, educators, and tutors have anticipated the changes to come. Now that 2016 has begun, the test is finally just months away (scheduled for March). With the approach of the redesigned SAT, several education and news articles have written advice for test takers.

One article writes that because the SAT will now focus on relevant words and words in context, it is no longer necessary to study unfamiliar words that are not used in ordinary contexts. It adds that due to the fact that the SAT will use reading and writing examples from US history, taking an AP course in History could be a good way to prepare for the SAT in advance. Finally, it recommends taking a statistics course in advance of the test to prepare for quantitative reasoning and real world applications of mathematics.

Another article reminds students of facts such as that the SAT will use a considerable amount of algebra and word problems in its math questions, that infographics that students must analyze will be used throughout the test, and that there is no longer points lost for guessing on questions. It recommends that students understand essay expectations of the colleges they are applying to when considering the optional essay, prepare for essays in advance, and complete questions they understand best before completing difficult ones.


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