Congratulations to all those who made the best of the CBSC and SSC exams. After getting success in 10th you all are planning to put yourself in your interest areas. Many of you want to become an engineer, doctor, while some others might be considering creative fields such as fine arts, media, film making, archeology etc.

Those who plan to choose the path IIT have a challenge- Choosing the correct approach for IIT JEE Preparation.

Select your approach for study-

Coaching or self-study is two approaches of preparing IIT JEE examination. Balancing both things is challenge which confuses the students. Even though coaching and self-study are two aspects related to IIT, ultimately it is your confidence and intelligence that matter the most.

1. Coaching

For IIT JEE you need guidance for better advancement with self-study. For that you need to admit yourself in the best coaching academy. It is always better to have mentor to check your work. The following thing which is most important is IIT JEE Aspirants and parents should do adequate research before selecting a coaching institute:

  • Research
  • Faculty
  • Reputation
  • Past Results
  • Distance
  • Fees
  • Batch Strength

2. Self-Study

By doing self-study  without coaching is beneficial because you save money but at a same time you should be confidant enough, you need full concentration and need to be regular and systematic to follow it.  You also need a time to plan these phases.

For effective self-study-

  • Setting your priorities straight.
  • Have good study material at your disposal.
  • Set separate strategies.
  • Revision and taking the exam.

Take breaks. Do not study all day. Read, play, enjoy with your friends. These will actually help in long term in keeping you relaxed and stress free.