This Summer will be one of the most hard-working and important Summers of a student’s high school career. It should be taken as a serious matter as it can be a time of incubation for students working towards getting into their top picks for college. A wonderful benefit for traveling students or students who still want to enjoy the comforts of staying home for the Summer, while still putting in the work to be better prepared for college and upcoming exams is to work with an online tutor! There are countless benefits in putting your trust with an online/virtual experience with a tutor, and Socrato will explain why you need not be worried about any doubts of this newer time where online learning is equally as beneficial as tutoring in person.

Here are some of the key benefits of choosing to work with a tutor online:


  1. Geography is not a challenge. This means you do not need to worry about where exactly either of you are, as long as you both are in a space where you can work together efficiently. If you guys are in different time zones, you can work out  a time that works for both of you.
  2. When it comes to selecting a tutor or tutors, you have the range of options to pick from a wide variety of tutors that can tailor to your specific areas of need. If you were to tutor with one in person, this person may only be available for one particular subject or practice when you may need someone for multiple subjects/areas of learning.
  3. You can work with a tutor from your dorm room, bedroom, bus, subway, or anywhere you may be at the time – Yes, you can even be dressed in your comfiest of ensembles which you won’t have to worry about being timid for wearing in public. You will have as much privacy as you’d like when you’re able to meet your tutor online.
  4. Many parents these days are weary of hiring a tutor that only meets their children online. Fortunately, in today’s age, much of our activity can be taken care of online with no problems. You can record online sessions to reference for later, use your favorite online apps where you can choose from hundreds and thousands of them.
  5. Parents who are weary of dropping children off with tutors can be confident in knowing that their children can now work safely from home, under their supervision. What many people have found who do use online tutoring, is that it is almost the same experience as working in person with a tutor.
  6. You will save on gas, food, and other resources by staying at home or another place where you enjoy studying. If you or your tutor were to meet in person every session, and one side needs to cancel the meeting for any reason, both may be affected adversely. With online tutoring, it is much easier to swing a tutoring session as it purely virtual and can be done from anywhere, anytime.
  7. Because tutors have the option to tutor virtually/online, they may by chance have a lower rate as they factor out the costs of travel and what not from in person tutoring.

The greatest benefit here is that online tutoring IS available to anyone and everyone worldwide. You can definitely try it and see how you like it. Do your research on the benefits for your particular needs on why you may be considering online tutoring – You will be surprised at your results!