In December 2022, both SAT and ACT exams will be conducted. It is therefore important for test aspirants to prepare for the exam. To decide which is the better option, students need to know their strengths and goals. Moreover, most colleges in the United States use the ACT and SAT exams for admissions. Students can give these exams during any high school year. Most of the time students take these tests in Junior year and some in Senior. Junior year is the ideal time to take these tests. Many students take both tests because they’re not sure which is right for them.

To eliminate test confusion, there are a few ways to focus only on one test at a time. Students may take the full SAT practice test from the official SAT study guide, and you may take a full ACT practice test from the Real ACT study guide. They are each three and a half hours long. This approach may not be suitable for all students since these are long and tedious tests. There is also one more option to decide which test should you take in December. There are few companies that offer the combined test. This test, students can take SAT and ACT in 3 hours. They will have exposure to the type of questions, and exam pattern for both tests. Socrato also offers a comparison test called SAT vs. ACT Predictor Test. Students can take the test online or on paper test and get the instant 9-page detailed diagnostic report. 

Features of the SAT vs. ACT Predictor Test

  • Discover which test is more aligned with your learning style.
  • Invest effort in better-aligned test and get higher scores.
  • Increase chances of gaining admission into student’s top choice college.
  • 3 hours and 6 minutes test to get insights for both SAT & ACT exam.
  • Instant 9-page diagnostic report with strengths and areas for improvement for each topic analysis.
  • Made by SAT and ACT Test prep experts.

SAT vs. ACT Predictor Test for Tutors/Consultants/Schools

  • Find the preferred test for student’s learning style.
  • Pinpoint student’s subject/topics strength and weaknesses.
  • Create custom study plan for each student.
  • Easily group students based on similar strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get the most out of student effort.

SAT vs. ACT Predictor Test for Students

  • About 1/3 of all students are stronger in one test.
  • Take anytime during high school.
  • Create custom study plan for topics based on diagnostic analysis.
  • Eliminate need for costly and time-consuming prep.

To learn more about the SATvs. ACT Predictor test please check the website: Please check the Socrato youtube channel to grade SAT or ACT practice bubble sheet online.

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