Is it difficult to find the preferred exam SAT or ACT for your students? Did you accurately pinpoint students’ subjects or topic-wise strengths and areas of improvement? When you’re physically using your calculator and manually grading the test, always be sure to double-check your work. Did you type the numbers incorrectly? Don’t rely on your calculator to catch these minute mistakes– there’s still room for human error.

Finally, don’t overdo it. Discover which exam SAT or ACT best suits your students. Tutors/Academic Owners/Educational Consultants can guide them in exam preparation.

Should I take SAT or ACT?

  • This is always a big question in front of high school students specially, Junior and Seniors.
  • By the time students reach to junior and senior year they have lot on their plates like AP exams, school GPA, extra-curricular activities, community services etc. Additional they have to prepare for SAT or ACT exams.
  • If students can plan little smartly for SAT and ACT, they can be less stressed about these exams, prepare better and get better scores.

Features of SAT vs. ACT Combined Test

  • Firstly, discover which test is more aligned with your learning style.
  • Then invest effort in better-aligned test and get higher scores.
  • Increase chances of gaining admission into student’s top choice college.
  • 3 hours and 6 minutes test to get insights for both SAT as well as ACT exam.
  • Instant results plus strength and weakness diagnostic per subject topic.
  • Made by SAT and ACT Test prep experts.

SAT vs. ACT Comparison Test for Tutors

  • Student can take both the test for 3-3 hours each.
  • It takes less time and fruitful result.
  • Easily diagnostic analysis can be done.
  • Pinpoint student’s subject/topics strength and weaknesses.
  • Create custom study plan for each student.
  • Easily group students based on similar strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get the most out of student effort.

A tutor can easily find the preferred exam SAT or ACT according to the student’s learning style. Further students can score higher in their preferred exam SAT or ACT practice test on the Socrato platform. Moreover, there are Diagnostic reports of 9 pages as well as the Subject level analysis. Invest your effort in your student’s interested field SAT or ACT in the better-aligned test as well as get higher scores. Even increase the chances of gaining admission into students’ top choice college.

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