ACT is a long exam, but is also fast-paced which adds to the challenge. The ACT with Writing is almost 4 hours long. ACT tips that can help you kick your score up a notch on test day.


  • It is better to answer accurate questions and get all of them right.
  • Accuracy is better than speed.

Answer every question

  • Take advantage of this fact by answering every question.
  • This does not mean work through every single question.

Take a timed practice exam and analyse that practice exam thoroughly

  • You should never take a real exam as a practice test.
  • Thorough review is the best way to improve your ACT score in the future.
  • Take the time to review the exam thoroughly before attempting another practice test.

Treat your practice exam like it’s the real deal

  • Think of an ACT practice test like a dress rehearsal.
  • When done well, taking a practice ACT helps students settle in and calm their jitters on a real test day.

Complete the “optional” Writing section

  • It’s optional for colleges to require the Writing test.
  • If a college requires it, students don’t have a choice. At those colleges, students must submit an ACT score that includes Writing.

Analyse your practice test

  • Many ACT prep tools are available to analyse your score.
  • I always advise that students grade their own exams.

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 Good Luck!