ACT & SAT Practice tests are an integral part of any test prep program, especially when you’re preparing for the SAT or ACT. Regardless of the test you plan to take, practice exams give you an opportunity to challenge your skills and gauge your progress.

Incorporating practice tests into your SAT and ACT prep strategy is an easy way to gain confidence, monitor your performance, and prepare yourself for test day.

Number of Practice Tests

  • There is no specific number, typically taking one practice testevery 10 hours of prep (or about once per month) is most effective for many ACT and SAT students.
  • During your first tutoring sessions, there will be a great deal of test-specific content you will need to get a handle on.
  • You should work with your tutor to get your feet wet on all sections of the test before attempting your first practice test.

Evaluating Practice Tests

  • Once you receive those results, you will need to review your performance with your tutor and go through the sections and questions types.
  • You should use another 10 hours of prep to refine your knowledge and tailor your approach to those questions.
  • By the time you take your next practice test.

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Good Luck!