Socrato can be a powerful tool to develop student as well as tutor time-management skills. While one full-length ACT/SAT/PSAT and many more test at the outset of a prep class can be very beneficial. By the end of the test, students are exhausted. They don’t remember what happened or what they were thinking at the beginning of the test. It’s an assessment and extensive analysis system.

Socrato is a universal online test prep and processing platform, were answers are processed, extensive analysis is performed on them, and generates comprehensive reports that reveal a student’s weakness, test-taking skills and tendencies. Student results can be processed individually or batch process. It can provide Real time diagnostic analysis of test results for individuals/groups/class/batch. Ability to do section test and subject-wise analysis these and many more.

To score high students can use Socrato to practice online and get insights beyond scores. Socrato’s Companion Series helps you get the most from your Official Study Guide.You can learn more about Socrato: