School isn’t all about non-stop studying and working – School is fun! There are countless ways that high school students can diligently prepare for college and other studies while still enjoying their place in time – Being a high school student. These online games can be an alternative form of entertainment as well, for parents who worry over the productivity and influences of their child’s environment. Allow your student to have fun in an environment that remains conducive to being actively studious and productive.


  • Learn4good offers tons of learning games that stimulate the brains of students of all ages. Click on the section for high school students and simply choose a game you’d like to try out. Each game has a name, and description of what it is all about.
  • QuizHub provides a fun and thrilling way to keep a student on their toes when it comes to exam time. Quizzes are like shorter versions of tests. At QuizHub, students can choose to take quizzes from all of the core subjects like: English, History, Math, and Science.
  • XPMath provides learning levels of 2-9. The games are trendy with characters/cartoons of what students may be interested in today, to motivate students to learn in a fun way. This site is also very helpful to teachers who want to track and assist their students with learning.
  • Tigweb stands for “Taking it Global” – A place where students can learn and act on world/global situations. Here, students can read about global issues like human rights, environmental issues, technology, health, and so forth. There is even an area of the site where students can “take action”.
  • GameonLearning is a place that offers links to educational games for students that have been recommended by others and even offers a section to create your own game. All games circulate around Science, the arts, mathematics, language, and social studies.
  • Ed.Ted is based from the famous YouTube channel: TED Talks. The videos and animation on this site are much shorter than the YouTube videos, to bring the purpose of keeping students attention span in mind.
  • Game Corp is an excellent place for students of all ages to even grown up ages, that enjoy playing games that simulate a business management system. The game requires you to basically start your own business from scratch, from hiring employees, maintaining a budget, and so forth.

Chemikul is a game that is based on Chemistry. The game challenges its players by floating around atoms all around the screen where students then must put together to create molecules. This game has been known to keep its players entertained and brain stimulated for hours.