Helping Students Choose The Right Test Prep

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Mary Ann Dorsher of ACT Ready makes a great point: it”s not all about figuring out what”s going to be on the test – it”s about getting the support needed to approach the exam with confidence.

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How to Use Learning Analytics to Choose ACT vs SAT [NEW EBOOK]


When you’re preparing your students for their college entrance exams, how confident are you that you’re on the right path to improving their score? Of course, there is no way to tell how well student will perform on test day, but there are predictors you can lean on to take away most of the guesswork. [...]


5 Common Mistakes Tutoring Companies Make on Facebook and How to Fix Them


Is your company’s Facebook page getting the traffic you desire or the attention you believe it deserves? Before you ask yourself “What went wrong?” read the following blog post. It’s a Facebook guide for tutors and it may just help you turn your Facebook page from a lifeless desert into a hub that your fans love [...]


Should You Combine Your Student’s ACT or SAT Test Results into a Superscore?


In horse racing, breeders struggle to match and breed horses with the best possibility of successful offspring. By looking at a mare and stallion’s family history, a breeder can determine the likelihood of that pair creating a “Superhorse” capable of wining major horse races. It’s not easy work predicting the future; breeders often breed several [...]


Release Update | Additional SAT tests now available

On May 3, 2010, in Release Update, Socrato, by Raju Gupta

Over the weekend we made release updates to Some of the changes you might notice – In certain situation during Online Take Test (especially for ACT tests), the answer choices were not showing up properly, that issue has been resolved. While printing tests and bubblesheets from library, question content was not printed correctly. This [...]


Preview – Section Scoring and Performance Reports for ACT and SAT tests

On April 14, 2010, in ACT, General, Homepage, Socrato, Tutoring, by Raju Gupta

Students preparing for ACT or SAT tests and tutors who are helping students know how cumbersome it is to do scoring, scaling, and performance analysis on these tests (171 questions for SAT and 225 questions for ACT). Especially ACT is more painful as there are multiple level of scaling involved. See previous write up on [...]


Can one teacher’s or tutor’s hardwork benefit others? Leveraging our “Follow” feature for educational content.

On August 10, 2009, in Announcements, Content, Education, Homepage, Socrato, Teaching, Tutoring, by Raju Gupta

One of the interesting features of Twitter is the ability to “follow” anyone and then listen to their tweets. Effectively the person you are following becomes the “filter” for you for certain types of content and information.  You receive immediate updates on what’s going on. While working with a number of teachers and tutors, we [...]


Partial release of MCAS test items is a step backwards

On June 29, 2009, in Homepage, Socrato, by Socrato!

An open letter to the Massachusetts Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education: Mitchell D. Chester, Ed.D. Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Dear Commissioner Chester, I work with a number of schools helping them review MCAS data and results. Thank you for shortening the turnaround time for MCAS results for schools, and for shortening the test [...]


Upgrades to make Socrato easier and faster

On February 17, 2009, in Socrato, System, by Socrato!

We are pleased to announce that this past weekend we rolled out a new release on Socrato. Some of the changes are external and can be seen by users, but most of the improvements are “under the hood” and result in improved response time. The key changes include: User Interface More content  – In addition [...]


New 3rd–5th grade content. Socrato now supports MCAS grades 3 – 10.

On February 7, 2009, in Announcements, Homepage, Socrato, by Socrato!

We received many requests about the availability of elementary school content. So we decided to prioritize this as part of our recent engagements with schools (where we are also doing learning data processing and analytics). We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of elementary school MCAS test content for Math and ELA. Teachers who [...]