The ACT is just a week away, and you might feel like you have little time left to study. The only thing you can do is take advantage of every day you still have. You’ve probably found this article because you’re in crunch time before your ACT test. It is still worthwhile to read this article if you do not fall into this category. Here is a smart strategy to help you prepare for the ACT the week before.

  • Decide the target score goal.
  • Create an ACT Study Schedule for 2 weeks.
  • Take the mock-up test.
  • Find the difference between the mock-up test composite score and the targeted composite score.
  • Analyze the mock-up test.
  • Identify the strengths and areas of improvement in subject-wise and topic-wise.
  • Prepare first high-priority subjects and topics.
  • Do not try to learn any new topic if you don’t know.
  • Take practice individual subject tests to check the improvement.
  • Take a full-length test before the actual test.

Case Study: Let’s take the example of preparing ACT in two weeks. The smart strategy for ACT preparation is shown in Figures 1 – 6.

Fig.1 Smart Strategy for Preparation of ACT

Fig. 2 Effective Strategy to Achieve the Targeted Score

Fig. 3 Subject Area Analysis to Improve Total Points

Fig. 4 English-Subject Area Analysis to Improve Total Points

Fig. 5 Math-Subject Area Analysis to Improve Total Points

Fig. 6 Science-Subject Area Analysis to Improve Total Points

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