Essay Grading Software: Indispensible or Insulting?

On April 9, 2013, in Assessment & Testing, Technology in Education, Uncategorized, ed tech, by Scott Cronenweth

How would you feel about having your essays or short written test answers graded by a software program? Instead of getting results back days or weeks later from an instructor, you’d get instant feedback — and a chance to rewrite the piece for a better grade.

Edmodo in Action


Dubbed “Facebook for education,” Edmodo can be used in an almost endless variety of ways by teachers and students.

Test Prep for Top Middle Schools Means More Tutoring


An article this week in the New York Times highlights how the high-stakes, testing-driven competition for a top-rated education continues to intensify in the US – and how tutoring is deemed crucial to students’ success.

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Online-Only Public Schools: Potential Impacts on Tutors

On April 10, 2012, in Education Industry, Technology in Education, Tutoring, Uncategorized, online learning, by Scott Cronenweth

The popularity of online public schools is increasing nationwide. Full-time online public education is now available to students in grades K-12 in about 30 states. Currently, over 250,000 students are enrolled in public online charter schools. Are cyber-schools really a better way to approach public education?

New YouTube Channel for Teachers and Tutors


The YouTube Teachers channel invites you to “spend more time teaching, less time searching. This well-organized channel “was created to help teachers use educational YouTube videos to educate, engage and inspire their students.”

Will Waiver Program Effectively End SES?

On November 22, 2011, in Education, Education Industry, In The News, Tutoring, Uncategorized, by Scott Cronenweth

Already thirty-seven states plus the District of Columbia have said that they intend to apply for an SES waiver between now and mid-February 2012. If granted, the waivers would free districts in these states from setting aside hundreds of millions of dollars each year for after-school tutoring targeting the lowest-performing students. This sweeping change would effectively end SES, which has already been eliminated from the Senate’s version of the updated NCLB legislation.

Three Reasons to Get Online Tutor Training

On October 25, 2011, in Education Industry, Tutoring, Uncategorized, by Scott Cronenweth

Many tutoring centers offer some training for their tutors. But what about private tutors and coaches? New online training methods have evolved that enable private tutors to learn new skills anytime, anywhere they can access the Internet.

How Well Do Kids Think High School Prepared Them for College?

On September 6, 2011, in Education Industry, General, In The News, Uncategorized, by Scott Cronenweth

How well does their high school academic experience prepare students for college? Not very well, according to a new study by the College Board that surveyed students from the Class of 2010 “one year out.”

Awareness of Learning Disabilities in Students

On August 30, 2011, in Assessment, General, Intelligence, Tutoring, Uncategorized, tips, by Scott Cronenweth

As a new school year begins, now is a good time for tutors to raise their awareness of learning disabilities and how to spot them. The support and encouragement of a caring tutor can make a big difference in a child’s success.

Should More US Companies Offer English Tutoring Overseas?

On August 9, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Scott Cronenweth

I was intrigued by a recent provocative post in SK Tilton’s “SES Finally Made Easy” blog. His premise is that America exports a huge amount of cultural material, such as films and music – and a big part of that is the English language itself. English is the world’s de facto business language, and is [...]