‘The Daily Beast’ Ranks Kid Smarts by State — is Massachusetts Wicked Smart or Just Privileged?


News resource and opinion website, The Daily Beast, recently took a look at the test scores for the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and came to some conclusions about which US state is producing the smartest kids. By measuring the percentage of students who scored highly on the fourth and eight grade reading [...]


5 Education Articles to Start the Week: Should Test Prep Start at Age 4?


We’re on the cusp of a transformational time in education. As we start the new year, education experts are delving into how many organizations, parents, tutors, teachers and businesses are coping with challenges within the educational world. In some cases, parents are starting test prep as early as age 4 in order to get them [...]

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5 Education Articles to Start Your Week: Americans Failing Army Entrance Exam


We at Socrato hope that you”re throughly enjoying the last week of 2010. A snowstorm has crippled much of the Northeast, so I hope that wherever you are, it”s nice and warm. Though last week was a notoriously slow news week, I was able to find a few interesting blogs and articles on a variety [...]


Education Heartbreaker: It’s Not You, It’s Poverty


It sounds like something from a bad breakup. “It’s not you, its poverty.” Or, at least, that’s what some education reform advocates, including Stephen Krashen, are saying about student performance. A contributor for the Schools Matter blog, Krashen believes that our country performs poorly on international test results such as the PIRLS because, compared with [...]

9 Technology Factors to Improve Education Success in Schools


In this week’s 5 Education Articles to Start Your Week, we pointed out some interesting articles and studies which zeroed in on engaging students with technology. One particular article which caught our eye was about the Project RED (Revolutionizing Education) research team”s recent findings on education; it really energized us about the benefits technology can [...]


New Feature — Tutors and teachers can directly initiate a test session for a student

On December 21, 2009, in Assessment, General, System, by Raju Gupta

In addition to the many other methods of conducting test sessions or importing student responses, Socrato now allows tutors and teachers to directly initiate a test session as one of their students. The responses can be entered question by question, or in “bubble sheet” mode.  For large classes, tutors can still import from excel files, [...]


Upgrades to make Socrato easier and faster

On February 17, 2009, in Socrato, System, by Socrato!

We are pleased to announce that this past weekend we rolled out a new release on Socrato. Some of the changes are external and can be seen by users, but most of the improvements are “under the hood” and result in improved response time. The key changes include: User Interface More content  – In addition [...]


Summer MCAS Tutoring Release

On July 26, 2008, in Announcements, Homepage, Socrato, System, by Socrato!

We are excited to announce the most recent release of Socrato which we rolled out last weekend.  This release brings real time analysis and recommendations from student practice sessions to Students and Teachers to make learning, practice, and preparation more efficient. With this release Socrato also welcomes all new teachers supporting summer MCAS tutoring. It’s [...]