5 Education Articles to Start Your Week: Americans Failing Army Entrance Exam


We at Socrato hope that you”re throughly enjoying the last week of 2010. A snowstorm has crippled much of the Northeast, so I hope that wherever you are, it”s nice and warm. Though last week was a notoriously slow news week, I was able to find a few interesting blogs and articles on a variety [...]


MCAS State Standardized Test Results Are Out: Mostly Good News

On September 8, 2010, in Massachusetts, standardized testing, by Prashant Kaw

The Massachusetts State standardized test results are out and the news is mostly positive. There was significant improvement year over year for middle school students while the high school scores have not shown any improvement. For the first time ever more than 50% of 7th and 8th graders tested more proficient or better in Math. [...]


How the Common Core Stacks Up Against State Standards

On July 21, 2010, in Assessment, Massachusetts, common core, by Prashant Kaw

Today the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education agreed to adopt the Common Core Standards for state standardized testing. In a 9-0 vote, Massachusetts became the 28th state in the U.S. to approve the new national standard and another 12 should follow suite by the Fall. In a couple of years the MCAS exam [...]


Changing law to increase number of charter schools – Is it to get money or to bring change?

On July 17, 2009, in Education, Massachusetts, by Raju Gupta

Recently there has been a lot of coverage about Charter Schools in Massachusetts.  So I dug little deeper… What are charter schools? An innovative approach towards school and education management They are public schools, funded by government money They can be under district management or state management Another interesting aspect is that, when a student [...]